Digital privacy for all platypi (and humans too)

We platypi are considered quite hilarious by some. We have duck-like bills. We’re mammals that lay eggs and have beaver-like tails. When we were first sent to Europe in the 1700s, naturalists assumed we were fake (some sort of taxidermy joke... we did not laugh).

What’s not funny about us platypi is when our digital privacy is breached through invasive surveillance-based advertising from Big Tech. After all, we are considered a “near threatened species” (due to climate change, drought and habitat loss).

That’s why the PWA (Platypi Workers Association, our largest global union) fully endorses and supports Fathom Analytics for use on any/all websites. Fathom is simple, privacy-focused analytics software which is GDPR compliant and puts the privacy of website visitors (including platypi) first.

The Platypi bill of digital rights

  1. We have the right to digital privacy
  2. We should know how data collected about us is being used or sold
  3. All data collected about us should belong to us
  4. We have the right be forgotten and not tracked
  5. Prior to data being collected, our consent needs to be given

Keep calm and plat on,
Your Platypi friends

privacy-focused platypi privacy-focused platypi privacy-focused platypi

Note, this is a demo site for Fathom Analytics. Each month, Fathom Analytics makes a small donation to Bush Heritage to help their conservation work. Please join us if you can.